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Data Warehousing (DW) is a core component of modern business data management, providing essential capabilities to integrate data, capture and retain history, and give business users a reliable, understandable, and trusted source of data.

Data warehousing has evolved from its origin in the early 1990’s as a high-latency resource of integrated reporting data. Today the data warehouse is the cornerstone of an enterprise data hub with data that ranges from high-latency to real time, with use cases that range from reporting to advanced analytics, and with data across the spectrum from enterprise transaction data to a variety of big data types.

The modern data warehouse is a complex data management system that depends on skilled and educated architects, designers, and developers.


Download the Data Warehousing course catalogue

Our Data Warehousing curriculum includes 10 online courses listed below.

Each course is accompanied by an optional Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) exam.

Click on the course links to explore course details and outlines, learn more about the exams, or watch free Sneak Peeks.

You can purchase the courses individually or enroll in one of our comprehensive Education Packages at a great discount.

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Courses (in alphabetical order)

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Building and Operating a Data Warehouse


Data Integration Fundamentals and Best Practice


Data Integration Techniques for Designing an ODS


Data Parsing, Matching & De-duplication


Data Profiling


Data Quality for Data Stewards (CDS)  OR


Data Quality Fundamentals


Data Virtualization


Data Warehousing Fundamentals


DW and BI Data Modeling


Ensuring Data Quality in Data Integration

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