TS Insight: For scoring and tracking enterprise data quality

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 TS Insight: data quality dashboards

A data quality dashboard, TS Insight provides visibility into the status of data quality enabling business and IT professionals, data stewards and analysts to monitor, manage and view trends of  data quality metrics through intuitive scorecards, charts and graphs . Invaluable for data governance and business-led data quality implementations, TS Insight helps you measure the success of data quality initiatives. 

Because if you can't measure it you can't manage it

TS Discovery and its companion web-based application, TS Insight, give you rapid access to the information your business depends upon. Our tools provide:

Data quality dashboards, scorecards, and trending: Through any Web browser, your business users can rely on TS Insight for trends, scorecards and crystal-clear charts and graphs that reveal the true nature of your data quality—and demonstrate the ROI of your data improvement initiatives.

Ongoing monitoring: TS Discovery allows you to identify data structures and align rule validation tasks that quickly monitor changes in source systems or from third party sources.

E-mail notifications: Alert your key personnel when important business rules are violated—for example, when data values don’t meet predefined requirements or when threshold values are exceeded.

Communicate results with others: You can create HTML reports or export data, metadata and findings in a variety of formats, including the most popular Windows programs.

Activity scheduling: Run analyses whenever you want—including overnight job runs that won’t interfere with daily workloads. 

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