TS Director: For deploying and managing real-time data quality processes

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Trillium Software Director is the application server component of the trillium Software System, a robust, scalable, highly available and easily deployable solutions for mission critical enterprise data quality

TS Director: For easy integration of real time data quality services to any application

A complete data quality application server, the TS Director delivers high-performance cleansing and matching services across multiple platforms, servers, and applications. Using the Director, organizations can integrate and deploy batch and real-time data quality projects in multiple environments. Unique ActiveEnterpriseâ„¢ Resources functionality enables users to centrally define, deploy and manage data quality processes in real-time environments. centrally through a single user interface.

Data Governance demands the centralisation of data quality policy. In order to deploy business rules consistently across the enterprise IT needs to integrate the data quality rules and procedures with the various legacy systems - whether on the mainframe, the ERP and CRM applications, or custom built Web or .Net code.

The Trillium Software System supports off-the-shelf wizards for certified integration to leading ERP, CRM, MDM and ETL tools (an application oriented architecture) as well as various API's supporting a service oriented architecture (SOA)

Our focus is on ease of integration whether you wish to implement your solution in batch mode or real time giving you peace of mind that:

The solution is certified to work in your environment - with your ETL, ERP, CRM, MDM and custom applications

That we support your legacy and web applications

That we can build once and deploy to any platform from the mainframe to the PC

That we already are supporting the technologies you are moving towards

That we will take care of the load balancing and fail over requirements to ensure the availability and performance of your Data Cleansing and Data Matching services

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