Geocoding and Address Validation



Poor quality address data costs businesses billions annually, whether due to returned mail from an expensive marketing campaign, or errors in the "last mile" of delivery costing time and petrol for logistics businesses.

As importantly, adding accurate longitude and latitude coordinates to a previously   unstructured address enables accurate planning and additional cost saving.

For example, an accurate understanding of customer's location on a map can allow organisations to optimise the locations of service depots such as schools, bank branches or retail shops; accurately place infrastructure such as cell phone masts, electricity points or delivery depots. 

The optimal placement of these resources can reduce the requirement in certain areas - cutting unnecessary costs while ensuring customer services are still delivered as required.

For logistics and service organisations spatial data enables better route planning and reduced errors at the "last mile" of service - saving time and money.

Properties can be plotted on a map and overlaid with risk information such as flood or crime levels for the area. This helps to protect assets and can be used to manage credit or insurance risk.

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Why choose Global Locator from MDM and Trillium Software?

  • Single solution for address cleansing and geocoding
  • Support for both urban and rural South African addresses
  • Ability to understand and handle misfielded, incomplete or misspelled address data.
  • Ability to handle language variations for place names and address formats
  • One stop shop for both local and international address geocoding
  • International address database for global or regional business in Africa and elsewhere


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