Data Excellence Management System

GDE’s Data Excellence Management System (DEMS) is a data governance application which measures and governs non-compliant data in terms of rands and cents. DEMS is specifically designed to support the data excellence framework. Core functionality includes business rules management, data governance management and multidimensional business impact reporting.

From a process perspective, DEMS performs the following:

  • Aligns and Links business objectives to data management processes via business rules and data quality.
  • Measures and Visualizes the business impact of non compliant data and the value generation of high data quality
  • Organizes and Executes sustainable data governance processes based on a proven Data Excellence Framework (DEF) methodology, supported by a product solution (DEMS).

DEMS is a web application, easy to use, deployed on-premise or in the cloud, supporting the business, data management and IT.

Key features include:

  • Business Rules Management System
    Centralized Business Rules Repository to capture and manage business rules
    Support for line of business manager to define and capture business rule and configure the related KVI targets
  • Data Governance Management System
    Data Governance Trees for navigation across a hierarchy of nodes to report on Key Value Indicators.
    Defect Management Trees for data responsible to manage issue resolution and root cause analysis
  • Key Value Indicator Reporting
    Dashboards showing Business Rule compliance aggregated via any dimension.
    Multi – dimensional Reporting - geography, business unit, cost center, process, data steward, business rule

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