Trillium Software System


Data governance structure and direction for enterprise data quality

Discover and understand your data issues

Configure data cleansing and matching


identify and manage manual data remediation

Monitor and Manage data quality and data governance

Trillium Software System for enterprise data quality!

Enterprise data quality ensures that accurate, consistent, current, and complete information is always available to drive higher productivity, decrease costs, increase revenues and improve return-on-investment. Designed to enable Total Data Quality, the Trillium Software System helps companies create and maintain “peak-condition” information “fit-for-business-purpose” regardless of however, wherever, and whenever data enters the organization.

The solution comprises TS Discovery- for data profiling and discovery,TS Quality - for data cleansing, enrichment and matching,TS Insight- for data quality scorecards and dashboards, the Director for real time data cleansing and matching, and various certified connectors and adapters for major MDM, ERP and CRM applications.

The last thing you want is a major overhaul of your systems. Trillium Software's solutions work within your architecture, and integrate easily, on your terms, with all the applications (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle and many more) you need to do business. 


Data Quality in the Information Management lifecycle

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