Data Governance for Risk & Compliance

Have you accounted for all your critical risk exposures?

Today financial services firms are required to demonstrate controls and validation for the accuracy and consistency of source data to meet the demands of regulators or the operational requirements to effectively manage capital assets. How well these requirements are met determines winners and losers in the financial services marketplace.

Trillium Software's Data Governance for Risk and Compliance solution set enables organizations to gain the visibility, provability, and take the corrective actions necessary to ensure that the quality of the data feeding into critical risk measurement and monitoring processes, meets the demand for transparency, accuracy and provable correctness.


Trillium’s Data Governance for Risk and Compliance helps risk management professionals put into place a practice that identifies and monitors the accuracy, appropriateness, and completeness of data across data sources feeding risk models and manages the quality of data over time.


Experienced subject matter experts work with your organization to identify and quantify the data quality issues that impact the accuracy of your data models, The process is designed to be comprehensible to business people, so that you are able to prioritize issues and attributes that have critical impact to the business, and define ongoing best practices that detect, monitor, and report on data conditions over time to create a high degree of confidence in the data that is critical to your risk model results.

Accelerate Your Risk and Compliance Initiative

Data Governance for Risk and Compliance accelerates your ability to identify data quality issues and build the required monitoring and alerts to stay abreast of data conditions. We utilise TS Discovery's robust out of the box analytic capabilities to automatically identify gaps in the data being used in risk models, providing the necessary statistics to quantify conditions and track changes identified for corrective action. The platform is highly scalable and flexible and able to incorporate custom business rules that meet specific data quality requirements and conditions. Our experienced Subject Matter Experts can rapidly analyze data conditions; work with business experts to create custom business rules that meet the organization’s requirements for accuracy and transparency.

Case Study: Absa Capital

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