Data Excellence framework

The data excellence framework combines a  proven methodology with the processes and roles required to support qa data governance organisation that is focussed on creating business value

This is done by improving business processes using data quality and business rules.

Ultimately, the framework supports shifting of the corporate culture towards a new focus on data excellence - a state whereby data is adding value to the organsation in allignment to the business goals.. The framework supports a complex environment through collaboration between stakeholders and the motivation of the full team.

It is critical to focus on culture as a key to a sustainable solution. The data excellence framework is focused on generating value through data management, rather than simply focussing on reducing costs.

Component Description Advantage

Business Value Generation Pillars

Business Value generation can be expressed in terms of four pillars - trust, transparency, intelligencce and agility

Links data quality to business value generation

Data Maturity Model

A model showing how data management matures from ad-hoc departmental projects to enterprise data governance initiatives

Data excellence must be achieved progressively in a non-invasive approach

Data Quality

High quality data results in increased business process efficiency. Low quality data results in errors, additional costs and  inefficiencies in processes.

Business Case and ROI are  based on multiple wins across all departmental processes.

Data governnance via Data Quality Dimensions

Characteristics of data that allow data quality to be measured

Metrics based approach enables proactive management

Business rules

Business rules that data must comply with in order for business processes to execute properly

Focus on correct/critical data attributes only

Key Value Indicator (KVI) A KVI measures the percentage of records which successfully executed the business rules plus a list of the records which have violated these rules Links data quality metrics to business value
Data Governance Model Data governance executed through Data Stewardship roles Implement data governance model with existing roles
Data Excellence Process A step by step process for implementing data excellence Practical process based on data quality audit and root cause analysis
Data Excellence principles Principles necessary to change an organisation's culture Multi-dimensional problem solving approach
Approach to achieving data excellence A high level methodology linking all the framework components as part of an implementation strategy Proven approach across global organisations

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