Safety Management

Accurate maintenance and repair schedules are a key indicator of a companies compliance with safety legislation such as the Occupational health and Safety Act.  Companies must also maintain accurate employee records in order to ensure that staff exposed to heavy machinery and other dangerous working environments have adequate levels of training and certifications. 

Aggregating data to support safety management can be challenging requiring significant resources to consolidate information across multiple systems, and audit and verify that reports are complete and accurate.  In regulated industries, these reports may be mandated by 3rd party regulators and must be produced consistently at regular interval. Master Data Management's Consultants can work with your organization to institute an ongoing data certification process to ensure you meet reporting requirements and have the tools in place to conduct audits. Master Data Management provides robust profiling and discovery capabilities with TS Discovery to identify where maintenance and employee data is inconsistent, incomplete, or out potentially out of compliance with maintenance, repair and replacement schedules.  Out of the box rules are applied that quantify and expose standard data quality dimensions and provide flexibility to create custom business rules aligned to maintenance, repair and replacement guidelines. 

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