Retailers depend on actionable insights obtained from accurate and current information in their data warehouse to maximize margins and operate as efficiently as possible. In the highly competitive world of retail, where margins are razor-thin, data integration and data quality bottlenecks and challenges can translate directly to missed opportunities and lost revenue.

Master Data Management provides services and tools that are purpose-built to address the various data integration, data quality and ETL processing challenges faced by retailers. Retailers must often cleanse and integrate data from hundreds—or even thousands of retail locations—plus data from multiple suppliers and distributors each night. All of the data must be integrated with a sufficient cushion to ensure that all operational reports are run and ad hoc analytics capabilities are available for managers and analysts at the start of business the next day

Quality data helps retail organisations to 

  • drive cross-sell and up-sell
  • improve customer experience 
  • better manage purchasing and supply chains 
  • improve the effectiveness of loyalty programs
  • mitigate receipt and return fraud

Contact us to learn about our solutions and services to identify, correct, and reconcile customer, inventory, and vendor information! 

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