Product Data Quality Management

Product Data Quality – the Key to Efficient Business Processes

Critical business processes and global operations depend on the collaborative exchange of high quality product information.  Ensure that your enterprise has immediate access to the information it needs.

Engage a data quality solution that allows you to understand, correct, and govern data and implement processes that adapts and extends to support the specific needs of your organization and drive measurable business results. 

Do you have challenges with inconsistent standards and poorly structured product and inventory data?

Dirty Product Data - report

Do your management reports look something like this?

  • Imagine the impact  this data is having on your supply chain

Is it possible you are ordering stock that you already have - lost in a warehouse somewhere?

Can your delivery team find the closest available stock or are they travelling to the wrong warehouse?

Asset Management | Materials Management | Inventory Management | Supply Chain Management

The solution

Fix the data - Profile, discover, and standardize product data

  • Facilitate procurement classification
  • Create consistency across multiple suppliers
  • Consolidate inventory
  • Identify variances across sites (plants, warehouses, manufacturing lines, subcontractors, suppliers)
  • Maintain “Item Masters” across multiple sites
  • Build a complete product view

Apply the data - Leverage trusted, complete product views for

  •  Populating new applications and systems
  • Global data synchronization
  • Spend and inventory analysis
  • Consistent reporting across all applications
  • Compliance in product recall management, material maintenance, lot management and tracking

 The result! Take the guess work out of materials classification and get control over your inventory!

Key  Material Long NameUOM
Key   Class  Type Brand   UOM Match key  Category 
1PEAFROZEN   HOUSE500g   00000001VEG



clean Product data report

Reap the benefits - Profit from improved business process and performance

  • Instant identification of item substitutes or alternatives (for sales, manufacturing, or warranties)

  • Efficient management of inventory

  • Rapid and thorough adherence to changes in regulations

  • Improved leverage of global supply contracts

  • Accurate reporting and analytics to support sales, marketing and procurement

Link to your Suppliers, Customers and Sales team!

Of course, quality product data exists within an ecosystem of suppliers, customers and employees.

Who is your biggest supplier of your core consumables?

Who is your most successful sales person, and with what product?

Which customers are generating the most sales for product X?

Data Quality management must go beyond Product Data to create consistent, acccurate client data as well.

Choose a solution that is proven to do both!

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