Data Governance - Data Governance methodology

Data governance is critical to align business and IT objectives, reduce information risk and optimise your data management processes. Data governance provides the framework and foundations to allow the business to assume ownership of data, data policies and business goals for data. This enables focused collaboration with IT to establish solutions that ensure data is fit for purpose.

However, data governance can easily turn bureaucratic - impeding progress to improve and manage data for maximum business returns.

Our consultants are experienced at helping organisations focus on the areas that data governance must address, prioritise and measure the data management initiatives that are necessary to align data to the business, and rapidly unlock the value of the corporate information asset.

Master Data Management will present you with a simple, workable model that is based on international experience of what works, and is refined for South African conditions.

We will assist you to:

  • Build a business case for data governance.

  • Avoid common pitfalls.

  • Produce measurable results quickly at a tactical level.

  • Deploy the program at a strategic, enterprise level

    Data Governance methodology

    Data Governance programs focus on improving Data Quality, classifying and protecting data, reducing data duplication and formalising accountability for data through the establish of an oversight and decision making body - known as the Governance Council - coordinating all data management initiatives across the business.  

    Our team will assist your organisation to implement an effective Data Governance program that will drive improved business and IT productivity by both reducing IT costs and increasing the value companies receive from their existing data assets through a pragmatic approach that avoids the pitfalls inherent in theoretical and overly complex implementations.

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