Silwood releases Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Master DAta Management partner, Silwood Technologies,  are delighted to announce that Safyr for Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be available on December 21st. This will help customers who need to be able to understand and visualize the metadata in Dynamics 365 for data warehouse, analytics, data catalog, data governance and other projects.

Safyr will support any Dynamics 365 or PowerApps module whose metadata is stored in the Microsoft Dataverse (previously known as Common Data Service, CDS).

With this new release Safyr now supports all major CRM and ERP applications including:

  • Microsoft (including Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM)
  • Oracle (including E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft and Siebel)
  • Salesforce
  • SAP (including SAP ECC, SAP CRM, SAP BW and SAP on HANA)
  • and other packages using Safyr's "ETL for metadata" capability.

This new release reflects Microsoft's growing strength as an enterprise pqckaged vendor.

Safyr has supported Microsoft'sd on-premise solutions (Dynamics AX and CRM) for some time. The new solutions uses Microsoft's APIs to liberate metadata from the cloud-based Dynamics 365 and presents this metadata in a business-friendly and intuitive manner.

Here are a couple of screenshots that give examples of what you can expect to see when you use Safyr with Dynamics 365.

The first shows a list of all the tables, with the usual Safyr properties for relationships and row counts. You can see for example, that this particular Dynamics 365 application has 670 tables. The ‘Account’ table has relationships with 58 Child tables and 15 Parent tables. Drilling into any of these tables would provide more details about the table structure and relationship.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 tables view

The standard Safyr features for making Subject Areas apply to Dynamics 365 just the same as for any other of our supported systems. This makes is easy to create subsets of the metadata - such as Customer, Product or Vendor) which reflect the needs of your project. And, of course you can make use of these Subject Areas in other products and formats through any of Safyr’s export formats.

This of course includes our ERDiagrammer which helps you to visualize Dynamics 365 tables and their relationships to each other as illustrated in the image below.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 ER Diagram

Metadata from Dynamics 365 can be used to populate popular data catalog and data modelling tools, and can also be exported in a variety of formats.

This allows your business and IT stakeholders to rapidly identify the data that they need for analytics, or other purposes.

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