eLearningcurve introduces updated Data Governance program

Master Data Management today announced the release of an updated data governance curriculum, in partnership with eLearningcurve. The updated curriculum caters for the rapidly evolving data management landscape including the widespread adoption of technologies such as cloud, big data and self service, and examines the role of data governance to support data protection.

These changes have increased the complexity of data management. The volume of sensitive data that we work with has exploded. Regulations that govern how we collect, use, and protect privacy sensitive data and personally identifying information continue to expand and non-compliance penalties become increasingly severe. At the same time, data risks have grown with increasingly sophisticated hackers and increased frequency of data breaches. Data governance has become a high-stakes game.

At the same time, corporate cultures are shifting away from top-down, command-and-control governance approaches to more inclusive approaches that must support data discovery, data exploration, data science and self-service analytics. Data-driven organisations are becoming increasingly collaborative and data governance must adapt to ensure communication. collaboration and participation across the enterprise.

eLearningcurve's Data Governance curriculum has been updated to reflect today's realities. 

John Ladley’s new courses How to Deploy Data Governance, parts 1 and 2, specifically address governance as a set of practices, and not as a rigid methodology. John also discusses the factors that need to be considered to deploy governance in a way that is appropriate to your organization’s size and culture. Dave Well's Modernizing Data Governance course focuses extensively on the human side of governance, starting with the assumption that most people want to do the right thing. Our job in governance is to help them know what the right thing is and make it easy to get it right. And the Data Governance Fundamentals course to reflect these new perspectives about data governance.

The new courses include:

How to Deploy Data Governance: Part 1

This 3-hour 45-minute course provides the insights and methods to develop your approach start or re-energize your data governance program

How to Deploy Data Governance: Part 2

This 4-hour online training course provides the insights and methods to design how the program will work and operate.

Modernizing Data Governance

This 3-hour online training explores how governance fits within modern data ecosystems, from point of ingestion to reporting and analysis.

Our curriculum can lead to the internationally recognised Certified Information Management Professional accreditation.

For an overview of the entire 12 course data governance curriculum please visit https://www.masterdata.co.za/index.php/training/cimp-data-governance








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