MANTA 3.27 introduces scanners for Power BI, Tableau and OBIE

MANTA 3.27 release brings scanner for popular BI platforms - Tableau, Power BI and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise edition (OBIE) as well as enhancements to existing SQL Server and Datastage scanners - enhancing MANTAs ability to automatically track how data moves across different systems within an organization.

New Scanners and Capabilities

MANTA 3.27 release introduces three new scanners as ready for testing: Power BITableau, and OBIEE

All these scanners are mostly used for business analysis, data analysis, and reporting. Adding support for such tools is extremely important, as business professionals can finally take a deep look into the organization’s data flows, get the most out of them, understand their data, and make better-informed business decisions so much faster. Not to mention regulatory reporting, which is also less stressful and more detailed with a clear overview of the complete data journey.  MANTA can scan Power BI, Tableau, and OBIEE, and optionally push the lineage into the enterprise governance solutions offered by our trusted partners., such as Collibra.

3.27 also added a new scanner for the Power Query language used in Power BI, SSAS, and Excel, which will enable customers using those tools to benefit from MANTA’s unified lineage.

Additional Capabilities of Existing Scanners

MANTA 3.27 extends existing support for SQL Server Transformations! While previous releases made it possible to see detailed calculations of detailed expressions in Oracle and Teradata, this release extends this fine-grained visibility into your transformations in SQL Server as well.

Another major upgrade is DataStage scanner enhancements. We have added support for parameter sets, which are used to define job parameters that are likely to be reused in other jobs and can be reused in multiple environments.

The JAVA scanner sees improved support for that scanner and some of its frameworks, giving you more insight into the operational code and systems.

We Have Got That Swagger

MANTA 3.27 introduces Swagger documentation for our API. From now on, you will be able to access more interactive API documentation directly from MANTA, enabling you to try our API without any external tools.