New course: Curating and cataloging data

One challenge in the data science lifecycle is understanding the problem or opportunity. The next challenge is acquiring, understanding, and preparing data for the modeling phase. This step in the data science process is estimated to take up to 50% of the time allotted for a data science project.As the world of data management grows and changes, the roles and participants in data ecosystems must adapt.

With the convergence of several influences – big data, self-service analytics, and self-service data preparation – we need to actively manage the inventory of self-service data. Data curation is both a data inventory management process and a data governance activity. The data curator is responsible to oversee a collection of data assets and make it available to and findable by anyone who needs data. Cataloging maintains the collection of metadata that is necessary to support browsing, searching, evaluating, accessing, and securing datasets.

This 3-hour online training course extends elearningcurve's data governance curriculum and will explore how curating and cataloging work together to meet the data needs of business and data analysts, to provide self-service data to complement self-service analytics, and to realize the promise of democratizing data analytics.

You will learn about:
• The concepts, responsibilities, and skills of data curation
• The role of the data curator in data governance and the differences between a data curator and a data steward
• The needs of data seekers and the ways that curating and cataloging help to meet
• The purpose, content, and uses of a data catalog
• The state of data cataloging tools and technology
• Guidelines for getting started with data curating and cataloging

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