MANTA 3.26 introduces support for Datastage, ERwin

New release extends data lineage for IBM Infosphere Datastage, ERWin Data Modeller, IBM Cognos and Informatica EDC providing most comprehensive view of how data moves through your organisation.

Master Data Management partner, MANTA, has released version 3.26 of MANTA Flow, introducing new scanners for IBM Infosphere Datastage and ERWin Data Modeller, and enhancing existing scanners for IBM Cognos and Informatice EDC. 

MANTA now analyses Datastage parallel jobs provided by users, creating a detailed visualisation of Datastage lineage that can be combined with information such as data validation rules and other data from seperate databasess to provide a complete view of your data's journey.

The ERWin scanner pulls physical and logical data models from ERWin Data Modeller allowing your to gain a complete picture of your data architecture.

MANTA's Cognos scanner now also creates complete lineage for Cognos reports, integrating Framework report specifications with data sources and ETL processes.

Finally, new filters on exisitng Informatica EDC processes allow you to easily move from the big picture to detailed views, filtering based on the information you need to see in your final lineage map. This tools greatly extends the power and usability of Informatica EDC boosting user productivity.

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