Syncsort Delivers Mainframe Data to Microsoft Azure to Unlock New Business Insights

Master Data Management partner expands support for advanced analytics in Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse

Master Data Management's partner, Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, thas announced new data integration capabilities that expand support for Microsoft Azure. Now, enterprises can access, transform and deliver critical mainframe data to Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse to power deeper business insights.

Organizations rely on Microsoft’s fully managed analytics platform to run complex, interactive SQL queries at every level of scale, combining fast queries with strong data security. In addition, a recent set of GigaOm TPC benchmark reports demonstrated that Azure SQL Data Warehouse offers industry-leading price-performance. Syncsort customers and partners are already benefiting from Syncsort Connect products that populate Azure Data Lake and archive legacy data in Azure cloud storage. The new integration leverages Syncsort’s unrivaled ability to integrate mainframe data into next-generation data management platforms for advanced analytics.

Cloud data platforms like Microsoft Azure offer both power and economics and can handle a wide variety of data sources, but mainframe data remains largely inaccessible without time-consuming, specialized transformations. The Syncsort Connect products, including Connect CDC, also provide cross-platform data lineage and increase visibility of data regardless of where data originates.

"Syncsort continues to provide innovative and cost effective solutions to simplify data access, integration and transformation, helping large organisations to maximise the value of data," said Gary Alleman, MD at Master Data Management. "Syncsort makes legacy data accessible to modern analytics platforms, enabling enterprise-wide analytics whether in the cloud, or on big data platforms such as Spark, Kafka and Hadoop. This partnership with Microsoft is yet another example of their drive to enable the data driven enterprise.."

“Data-driven organizations are looking to leverage the elasticity and economics of the cloud for timely and efficient predictive analytics, making price-performance critical,” said Daniel Yu, director, Azure Marketing at Microsoft Corp. “Syncsort delivers the data integration needed to make mainframe and other legacy data available in Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which provides high-performance, low-cost environment for deeper business insights.”

Find out more about Connect CDC, Connect ETL and Connect for Big Data integration of mainframe application data to the Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse for advanced analytics

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