Collibra and Tableau extend industry leading self service BI partnership

Tight integration between Collibra Catalog and Tableau analytics servers makes it easy for self-service BI users to find, understand and trust their Tableau reporting data

March 2019 -

Collibra's strategic partnership with Tableau Software, announced at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2019, combines the efficiency of Tableau’s self-service analytics with the transparency and trust Collibra’s software brings to data. With this integration, users can more easily locate and analyze Tableau reports and dashboards within Collibra Catalog and Collibra On-the-Go, as well as track the sources and lineage of the underlying data instantly to gain a more complete picture of the information.

Organizations are embracing self-service analytics and BI tools to bring analysis and reporting capabilities directly to business users of all levels. This adoption is so widespread that only 14 months ago, Gartner, Inc. predicted that by 2019, the analytics output of business users with self-service capabilities would surpass that of professional data scientists. Combining the self-service analytics of Tableau with Collibra Catalog adds a layer of trust, accessibility and understanding to the data sets and sources that feed into business intelligence reporting and analytics now available to business users.

“Organizations today manage massive volumes of data and disparate technology systems from across their business, making it a challenge to find data, reports, information, assets and insights,” said Brian Matsubara, Senior Director of Global Technology Alliances at Tableau. “Collibra provides a central hub for our joint customers to easily access and use their data with Tableau.”

“We’re seeing an increasing number of business users who are becoming professional data consumers, creating a new category of knowledge workers who demand simplified tools to find, understand and trust their data,” said Jim Cushman, Chief Product Officer at Collibra. “Collibra Catalog with Tableau allows users to quickly locate reports and information and more quickly uncover the insights they need to make business decisions every day, without the hassle of switching environments.”

Key features include:

Tableau Logical Data Layer: Within Collibra Catalog, users can now instantly see the underlying data sources and lineage in Tableau reports, helping them gain a more complete picture, assess and mitigate potential data quality issues, and better understand the context needed to produce more well-informed analyses and business decisions.
On-the-Go for Tableau: Collibra’s On-the-Go widget uses the Tableau Extensions API to allow users to access Collibra within their existing Tableau dashboards, meeting business users where they are and helping them alleviate the need for switching platforms in their work. The On-the-Go widget creates a central location for data and analytics, and provides business users with convenient mobile access that helps them get quick answers to their data questions.
Automatic Stitching: Users can now create linkages between databases and Tableau data sources, which automatically stitch all contained data elements as well. This provides automatic, end-to-end lineage between databases and reports, adding a crucial element of trust and context for business users looking to understand data assets and derive new insights.
New Search: Collibra Catalog’s new search functionality uses artificial intelligence to trace data linked across systems and departments through an extensive business glossary. The enhanced search feature allows even non-technical users to quickly discover the right data, without needing to know how or where it is stored. It also includes social features, such as saving and sharing, to facilitate better collaboration.

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