eLearningCurve extends Business Intelligence curriculum with Hadoop Fundamentals course

The world of data has transformed into an economy that can provide several insights to thrive in the world of business. The need of the hour is to ingest and acquire data as fast as possible, and more important than the acquisition is the ability to fail fast and move at agile speeds to provide better data insights with analytics.

How can we do this without a database?

The answer is an introduction to the world of Hadoop.

Implementing big data platforms for data exploration, discovery, and analytics within a Business Intelligence (BI) program provides capabilities to leverage existing BI programs and add new insights and methods that relate to, and process data for, the enterprise.

This 5-hour addition to our Business Intelligence curriculum, from our partner eLearningCurve,  introduces Hadoop and its inner workings and how the ecosystem was created to answer several questions for the world driven by data and eCommerce. We have tailored this course to be focused on areas that are relevant to business analysts, decision makers, functional managers and BI team members. The basic concepts are introduced and the course is optimized to provide an overview of the breadth of potential opportunities for Hadoop within diverse organizations.

You will learn:

  • The limitations of databases
  • Search and Google ecosystem growth
  • Apache Nutch
  • The Hadoop ecosystem
  • Hadoop internals
  • Hadoop 1,2 and 3

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