eLearningCurve updates data gpovernance courses

Certification is an important tool for job seekrs, and for eomplyers eeeking to enusre that their staff are qualified. Master Data Management offers a ribust data management certification program in partnership with eLearningCurve. The Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) accrediation builds upon educaiton to certifiy knowledge and understanding of information management.

"The CIMP accreditation provides allows employees to develop the information management disciplne of their choice - from data governance to master data management, data warehousing and advanced analytics, and many more," says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management. "Courses are product agnostic and the examination process tests the ability to apply the knowledge gained."

The CIMP in Data Governance is one of our more popular choices. Yet, the data governance practices of the past are challenged by today’s data management realities where adoption of self-service technologies is accelerating rapidly. There are natural tensions between policy-focused data governance and the desire for autonomy in self-service reporting and analytics.

Policy enforcement continues to be important—perhaps increasing in importance as the risk of data breaches grows. But enforcement must be balanced with prevention, and control must be balanced with collaboration.

Modernizing data governance is critically important to contain data risks without limiting self-service reporting and analysis. Curation, cataloging, collaboration, and crowdsourcing are essential additions to the modern data governance toolkit.

elearningCurve have updated two key data governance courses to address the realities of the data governance space today. 

Data governance fundamentals and Data governance for data stewards cover the core of data governance - inclduding what it is, why it is important and when and where to start.

The CIMP ─ Data Governance designation makes a clear statement that you have learned from the industry leaders and have demonstrated thorough understanding of data governance by passing several challenging exams. For the true experts and standard bearers in the industry we offer the second level of CIMP certification - CIMP Ex.


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