Network Maintenance

Telecommunications companies must maintain, upgrade and expand massive investments in network infrastructure, ranging from cabling, to radio towers and substations.  A holistic perspective on the substations, exchanges, towers and cabling can be challenging to maintain. Inconsistent or inaccurate service and maintenance data hampers efforts to keep up with necessary maintenance programs and can result in network outages, revenue loss and unhappy customers.

Providers must also track and manage service call logged by clients in order to deliver on customer services expectations and in order to proactively identify problem areas or items.

Trillium Software provides robust profiling and discovery capabilities with TS Discovery to identify where maintenance data is inconsistent, incomplete, or out potentially out of compliance with maintenance, repair and replacement schedules.  telecommunication companies accomplish this by applying both out of the box rules that quantify standard data quality dimentions and customer business rules aligned to maintenance, repair and replacement guidelines.  They can then run analysis and deliver reports that notify and provide insight on the health and standing of their materials.

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