Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Solution

The Trillium Software Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) Solution Overview

The emerging mandate for Financial Services firms to append a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) to derivative transactions is the first step in a long journey. LEI connects an externally generated and maintained entity structure to the entities that are developed and maintained within the complex environment of a financial firm’s heart center, the entity data management infrastructure. For many institutions, LEI will be the first entity-level ‘link’ from the internal core processing streams to the ‘outside world’ of regulators and other institutions.

The program is in a very early stage, but it has imposed some potentially tight timeframes. There is strong likelihood that some level of LEI based reporting to the SEC and other federal regulatory agencies will become active in 2012.

The Trillium Solution offers data management services to support entity data alignment and reporting. The platform is pre-populated with rules templates to enable the automated assessment, measurement and monitoring of key data metrics that are generated and stored for all core entity reference elements. The process leverages over two decades of experience supporting the complex and dynamic requirements for linking and aligning entities and counterparties. The solution is specifically designed to discover and present findings in ways that support business intelligence and regulatory reporting, including output to corporate data governance monitoring services.

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