Global Address Verification and Correction

  • Achieving enterprise-wide data quality in a single language can pose significant challenges, let alone expansion into global business.  Managing global data adds substantial complexity to the data quality puzzle. In systems unable to recognize international characters or international name and address forms, the inclusion of non-native data can incur unexpected results and undermine existing data integrity throughout the enterprise.

    Organizations that engage in business across international borders require an effective international data quality solution that ensures data is accurate and correct, no matter what language it’s in. The Trillium Software System® parses, standardizes and corrects data for 240 countries using country-specific rules applied across language and character sets. 

    The Trillium Software System handles it all

    Language Differences
    Language plays an important role in de-duplicating and matching relationships within data. Consider that in Switzerland, postal addresses can be in French or German. 

    “KirchStraße 11" may be the same address as “11 Rue E’glise.” Both indicate “11 Church Street.”

    Matching records such as these requires the powerful matching capabilities that only Trillium Software can provide.

    Character Set Differences
    A data quality solution that supports Unicode must not only translate double-byte characters, but understand the meaning of a character as defined by the Unicode standard. Most products simply the treat the data as a binary and only provide data field mapping and movement.

    The Trillium Software System provides complete Unicode support for single and double-byte characters

    Cultural Differences
    A robust international data quality solution recognizes that cultural differences impact record attributes, such as the order of customer data, the length of telephone numbers, and preferences for specialized symbols and abbreviations.

    Take a closer look at the following examples to see how the Trillium Software System processes names and addresses, formats, and structures from any country. Only the Trillium Software System can handle the diverse nature of international data and apply the right country-specific rules at the right time. 


    HerrnHerr = Mr.; Frau = Mrs.

    The salutation is usually on a line by itself: Herrn = to Mr.

    Gerhardt SchneiderName
    International Verlag GmbHBusiness name GmbH = Inc., Larger companies = AG.
    Schillerstraße 159Many street names end with straße or strasse with no spaces. Street number follows the name.
    44147 DORTMUNDPostal code and city name

    Hong Kong 

    Mr. WONG Yat-mingFamily name is first, followed by the given name.
    International Publishing LTD.LTD signifies a company name.
    4/F, Island BuildingBuilding name is on the fourth floor.
    31 Repulse Bay Rd.Street
    CENTRALDistrict name
    HONG KONGCity and country name


    Ilmo Sr.Family name is first, followed by the given name.
    Gilberto Rabello RibeiroMany Latin cultures include the family name of both parents.
    Editores Internacionais S.A.Company name with SA = corporation.
    Rua da Ajuda 228 – 6° AndarRua = street. 228 = building number.

    6° Andar = 6th floor.

    Caixa Postal 2574Post office box number
    20040-000 RIO DE JANEIRO – RJEight-digit postal code, city and two-letter state abbreviation.

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