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Africa's 6th Annual GIS Conference
From Thursday 28 May 2015 -  08:00
To Friday 29 May 2015 - 17:00
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Master Data Management MD, Gary Allemann, will present on the topic

Using GIS to enhance the Customer Experience

In today’s economy traditional differentiators such as new products or pricing models are very quickly nullified by competitive activities.

Instead, companies are moving to make themselves more attractive than competitors by giving the customer the experience that they expect.

This focus on customer experience requires the modern marketing department to use their knowledge of the customer, and the customer’s behaviour, to produce the optimal combination of channel, interaction, product and pricing to give each prospect and customer the optimal Customer Experience.

Location data is part of a bigger picture that can give us insight into a customer’s movement, when and where they prefer to interact, and where they prefer to buy.

The Marketing department that can link purchasing, CRM, channel and GIS data can begin to deliver Big Data insight that will shift them ahead of the competition.

Of course, customer experience goes beyond the marketing experience to include customer service and operations. Every contact with the organisation can be improved through a proper understanding of our customer’s location. 

This presentation will:
• Look at some examples of how location data can help to improve the Customer Experience
• Look at some of the challenges of bring location data into Big Data analytics
• Discuss some approaches for solving these challenges

For more information download the GIS Conference brochure here 

Location Amabhubesi Training Centre - 292 Surrey Avenue, Randburg, 2194

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