National Integrated Social information System

The environment:

Social grants, of various kinds, are offered by 18 seperate government departments, and can be offered at national, regional and local government levels. At the time no consolidated view was available to ensure that persons eligilefor grants werereceiving these.

Most operational systems were mainframe based Natural Adabase systems. However, a range of other data sources including SQL RDMS systems and delimted text files were also accessed.

The solution:

Master Data Management CC provided data management consulting and the Trillium Software System® to build a consolidated, single view of the citizen. Data from various operational systems was matched, using the Trillium Software System® and the best elements from each source were combined to create a singl, best record for each system.

These records were loaded into the NISIS Hub, a custom MDM application built by the project team. The inital requirement was delivered within three months.

Key benefits:

Over 70 million South African name and address records were parsed and matched during the project.

Of these, over 65% were geocoded to suburb level allowing departmental planners to more accurately identify the location of registered indigents - critical for planning purposes. 

The consolidated view also enables a one stop operational view to idenitfy whether citizens are receiving the correct support.

Key Focus: Customer Master Data, Master Data Management, MDM, Data Quality, Data Governance

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