Trillium Business Rules center

Business engagement is critical for data governance and data quality.

Yet, in most organisations, the people with the most knowledge about data - operational staff, data stewards and business analysts - often have the least control over data quality standards. Complex technologies and inflexible architectures stop subject matter experts from exsuring that critical business data is fit for purpose.

Trillium’s web-based Business Rules Center for TS Discovery empowers diverse, data-focused teams to rapidly access, modify, and manage data quality standards. With the right people involved, organizations can increase confidence in their data and ensure it is fit-for-purpose to support decision making across the organization.

Key Benefits 

Data Quality On-the-Go: Access and analyze business rules through a standard web browser interface to save time and support collaboration 

Rapid Time to Business Value: Create, modify, and evaluate data quality rules quickly with minimal IT involvement and no programming skills needed

Smarter Data Quality: Engage subject matter experts across the organization to confirm rules in use, review results, and ensure data quality thresholds meet specific business initiatives

Business Process Improvement: Reduce time spent on rules management and organization from days and weeks to hours and minutes 

Key Features

Browser-based User Interface: Create or modify business rules and view data quality results from a browser-based interface, whether your organization uses the Trillium Software System on premise or in the cloud. 

Pre-Built, Expert Content: Easily search the Trillium library for business rules, built over more than two decades of work with industry-leading organizations 

Create, Modify and Execute Rules: Create, update, and delete business rules in an intuitive interface with easy-to-use syntax that can be utilized in governance and quality processes

Results Review: View summary statistics and detailed results from data quality processes on a single screen. Identify which business rules fail and which data points don’t conform to business standards.

Business Rules Center 

Trillium’s web-based Business Rules Center empowers diverse data-focused teams to rapidly access, modify, and manage data quality standards.

Learn more: Get the Business Rules Center datasheet

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