TS Discovery: for automated data discovery and profiling


TS Discovery for data profiling and data discovery.

TS Discovery provides a complete and accurate view of enterprise data assets uncovering the true content, structure, rules, relationships and quality of your data, revealing issues that otherwise might remain hidden.

Data governance initiatives demand greater collaboration between data management and business users in the understanding and implementation of data quality.

TS Discovery empowers users to design, validate and deploy custom business and data quality content rules quickly and efficiently. 

A generation ahead of the rest

"TS Discovery ranks as the leading product for functionality (analysis, data discovery and business/use)" - Bloor Research, Aug 2012

Data Profiling and Discovery Market Report

TS Discovery embraces technology that goes beyond both the standard features you would expect from SQL scripts and other data profiling tools, and even the advanced features that come with "second generation" software.

TS Discovery's unique architecture delivers the next generation of data profiling and discovery power, including

  • Business user interface that allows managers and other non-technical professionals to drill deeply into the data without threatening production systems.

  • Data improvement abilities that cleanse and standardize data directly from the TS Discovery itself.

  • Robust modeling functions including key integrity and key analyses, join analysis, physical data models, dependency models and Venn diagrams that identify outlier records and orphans

  • Data Governance support including shareable business rules libraries, impact analysis and support for collaboration amongst the data governance team

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