Data Quality for MS CRM

Poor data quality has a significant impact on user adoption and the returns you will get from your Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation.

Common problems found in customer data generally, include misfielded information, missing and inaccurate postcodes, wrong phone numbers and e-mail addresses, misspelled names and addresses as well as duplicate records.

According to one well-respected analyst firm, 50 per cent of companies are not satisfied with their current CRM programmes for just this reason – lack of data integrity. Many problems stem from migrating data from multiple source systems, which vary in standards, formats and quality resulting in the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ syndrome.

If you are implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM then now is a good time to consider how you will manage these issues in your environment. If data quality issues are resolved before you bring data into your new CRM environment this will go a long way to achieving the goals you have for your CRM application.

Yet, the reality is that this is not enough.

Customer data degrades at a rate of 25% per year. In order to preserve the value of your CRM system over time it is critical that your data quality solution is integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM GUI.

Trillium Software's Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin is the complete data quality solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

With the plugin, which is used by Microsoft themselves, you will be able to:

  • Automatically match and merge duplicate records to create one golden contact record for each customer or account,
  • Utilise newly-designed ‘pop up’ windows to manage the relationship between multiple duplicate records,
  • Quickly and efficiently validate and remediate global postal code and address data for more than 240 countries worldwide,
  • Enrich customer data to help users more clearly understand their customer and prospect needs while optimising up-sell and regional campaigns to grow the business.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM plugin can be provided inhouse, or on the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing us to support implementations of any number of CRM users.

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