Name & Address Matching and Enrichment

Leverage our 10 years of experience with hundreds of millions of South African name and address records. 

Our South African data quality templates include:

  • Full list of postal suburbs and towns with thousands of spelling variations and errors automatically corrected

    • Data enrichment with post code for valid postal addresses (box and street address types)

  • Numerous business terms and phrases 

  • Standardisation of many terms to English variation

  • Elementisation of unstructured name and address e..g House Number, Street Name, Street Type

    • Geocodes (longitude and latitude points) for over 9 million South African street addresses and hundreds of other countries

  • Handles both English and Afrikaans address types of the shelf

  • Identiifcation and grouping of unique individuals and house holds

Example Data

Key Original Name                Address Line 1                                   Address Line 2
1 ABC Apteek (Edms) Bpk ATKV Gebou 15delaan 42 Magaliesig  
2 ABC Pharmacy (pty) Ltd 42 Fifteenth Avenue Magalieview

After processing we generate new, improved data

Key  Business Name  Complex House # Street Name Suburb Post Code  Unique Key
1 ABC Pharmacy ATKV Building   42 15th Magalies View   2067 00000001
2 ABC Pharmacy   42 15th Magalies View 2067 00000001

This blue print will save years of development effort for any name and address projects.

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