Delivery Assurance

When customers place orders online, over the phone, or even in-store, it is critical they received their purchases and receive them on-time.  Capturing and communicating customer addresses to delivery services accurately is critical.  However, mis-entered or incomplete information can mean packages don't arrive, arrive late, or cause inconvenience on the part of the customer to receive their purchases. 

Geocoding of addresses helps to minimize delivery costs by ensuring that stock is sourced and delivered from the closest available store or depot, and that multiple deliveries to the same area can be combined

Trillium Software provides the most complete and robust address validation and correction capabilities for 240 countries, territories and principalities providing the delivery assurance on a global basis.  Address data cleansing can be performed at the point of capture in your POS system, online shopping cart, or CRM and ERP systems with real-time processes or run behind the scenes in your logistics system. 

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