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At Trillium Software, our technology is sophisticated, but our goal is simple: to deliver “peak condition” information fit-for-your-business, however, wherever and whenever you need it. We call this “Total Data Quality.” Total Data Quality demands a solution that can scale to the needs of your enterprise, yet can ensure correct and consistent data at every touchpoint.

Achieving peak-condition data requires a data quality solution that allows you to define and automate the consistent enforcement of your corporate data standards across business-critical applications, systems, and platforms. The Trillium Software System applies out-of-the-box and custom built business rules to standardize and cleanse customer, product, and financial data from any source based on your corporate standards.

Transform problem data into actionable information

Cleanse and Standardize 
Spin garbled data into gold. Data cleansing and standardization capabilities understand data in any context—even misfielded information—without any pre-formatting or pre-processing on your part.

Deduplicate and Identify Relationships
Get a complete audit trail as we match and link records and reveal relationships. Powerful matching technology ensures that every deduplication and house-holding function remains fully transparent. Assemble, or commonize, a "best" record by applying different rules to different fields.

Validate Addresses
Apply global verification built from local, country-by-country expertise. Our address validation automatically applies the appropriate country's postal rules to clean, correct and even complete your name and address data.

Keep it clean with real-time data quality

Cleaning your data is never a one-time activity. Once cleansed, you want to ensure that poor quality data never enters your databases nor pollutes your environment. The Trillium Software System is designed to maintain data quality in batch, real-time and web-based applications.

Automated data quality solutions for:

  • Applications: 
    CRM, SFA, ERP, SCM, E-Commerce, HR, CDI, PIM
  • Enterprise architecture 
    Data warehouses, Master Data Management, SOA, Data integrations
  • Solutions 
    Data Governance, Compliance, Risk Management

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