Data Governance Assessment

How do you Implement Data GovernanceThree Frogs sit on a log.Two decided to hop off!

How many are left?

All of them!

Deciding is not the same as doing!

We can help you make your data governance decision a reality.

Don't blow your Data Governance program!

You will typically only get one chance.

Initial good will and enthusiasm can be very quickly lost following either of two common mistakes.

1. Moving too slowly.

Data governance needs momentum, needs to show value and needs to include the right people to build support from grassroots. Without this, it will fizzle out.

2. Moving too quickly

Data Governance needs to be planned and the right people need to be involved at the right time, and not before.

There is no bigger killer than having senior people waste their time with unstructured, unfocused and pointless meeting or forums.

Similarly, overly complex or poorly understood processes, documents or requirements will quickly kill enthusiasm at the operational level.

We can help.

The reality!

No single approach works for governance.

Data governance approaches must be tailored to fit your organization - culture, size, maturity all make a difference.

An experienced partner can help! you to avoid these common mistakes!

We have worked with a number of companies over the last seven years, of varying sizes and in various industries, as they have rolled our data governance.

Our goal is to agree an actionable road map that will enable the incremental integration of core data governance principles at the appropriate time for you, your team, and your boss.

We will help you to assess what you have done, move beyond the theory and put your goals into practice.

Take action to get your data governance program on track!

data governance assessmentOur team will assess your "as is" versus "desired" data governance maturity across the following key performance areas:

  • Vision and Strategy
    • Business Alignment
    • Compliance
  • Culture
    • Project
    • Trust
  • Organisation
    • Knowledge
    • Roles and Responsibilities
    • Structure
  • People
    • Education
    • Access
  • Process
    • Data governance
    • Case Management
    • Business Process
  • Tools and technology
    • Visibility
    • Data Quality
    • Data Assets
  • Communication
    • Effectiveness
    • Data Quality reporting
    • Data  Governance reporting

This is used as input in defining a road map for increasing the maturity of your data governance program for the next 12 months

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