Datasheet: Collibra Catalog

Collibra Catalog

Rapid Data Discovery. Crowdsourced Data Enrichment.

Data citizens across your organization need an enterprise-wide view of data–and they need it in hours, not weeks. Collibra Catalog is a single source of intelligence for data experts and other data users who need quick access to enterprise data. And because they can tag, document, and annotate data sets in the data catalog, your data is continuously enriched–increasing the value of existing data assets and eliminating data silos.

What makes Collibra Catalog so different?

  • Data experts are empowered to find, use, and enrich data assets, for a more immediate business impact
  • Business intelligence analysts are freed from wasteful data wrangling, devoting more of their time to solving real business problems
  • Self-service data users can “shop” for the data they need in the data catalog and find trustworthy data quickly
  • Data citizens can understand the context of the data because Collibra Catalog automatically links business terms from the business glossary to registered tables and columns, leveraging the agreed-upon vocabulary established by the organization
  • Data citizens can use existing data in new and different ways, driving insight through collaboration and crowdsourcing

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