Collibra Business Semantics Glossary

Business glossaries are meant to be used by business users.

It goes without saying that business users will not use the glossary if it is hard to create, edit and delete business terms. There are several ease-of-use features but one is particularly interesting. Consider that you have two Dodd Frank-related terms in banking:

a. “Depository Institution Holding Company’’ means a bank holding company or a savings and loan holding company that is organized in the United States, including any bank or savings and loan holding company that is owned or controlled by a foreign organization, but does not include the foreign organization.
b. “Savings and Loan Holding Company” means any company that directly or indirectly controls a savings association or that controls any other company that is a savings and loan holding company.

As you will note, the second term is embedded in the definition of the first term. As a result, the two terms need to be linked.

This can be done manually, but can become a real challenge when dealing with thousands of business terms in the glossary. Any tool that can auto-link these terms will offer tremendous advantages in terms of productivity of the data stewards.

Provide your business stakeholders with a compelling reason to participate in the definitions of key data terms.

Make it relevant, simple and useful

Key business terms and critical data elements mean different things, depending on their context and application. Collibra's Business Semantics Glossary supports alignment between all stakeholders so that the business glossary becomes a valued and useful asset.

It helps you to capture business and data definitions, create context, link to critical attributes and KPI's, get approvals and comments, and publish the results to the entire organisation.

The Collibra Business Semantics Glossary is an easy to use, business focused, process driven glossary that supports all data stakeholders

Key features:

  • Set up your data governance organization.
  • Assign and track roles and responsibilities.
  • Use out of the box workflows or configure your own.
  • Define policies, business terms, relations and rules.
  • Understand your business traceability.
  • Manage taxonomies, classifications & multi-dimensional hierarchies.
  • Search fast, search everywhere.
  • Link MDM, DQ and BI to the business


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