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Collibra Data Governance Centre

Collibra’s data governance and catalog solutions give teams powerful tools that make it easy to consume data across the enterprise. Our flexible and configurable solution puts people and processes first — empowering everyone to maximize the value of their data.

Data Stewardship drives the day to day operations of the Data Governance program.

Data Stewards know the data and, more importantly, they understand how data affects the business.

In successful data governance implementations, every one may be a data steward. We call them data citiizens - people that use data to do their jobs and care about how data affects them.

Depending on the situation, and the context, the best person to define a term, confirm a relationship, or manage a data qualiity issue may be an administrative clerk, a line of business manager, or even an IT systems owner.

These staff are not necessarailly data management specialists. Data stewardship functions may form a very small percentage of their monthly tasks.

A business friendly tool, such as the Collibra Data Governance Center, is proven to increase user buy in and support for data stewardship by manaing all necessary tasks through a single, unified interface.

Collibra dramatically increases the productivity of your data stewards by automating the process of defining, consolidating, approving and sharing data assets.

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