Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analysis


Quality data is necessary to gain the in depth understanding of customer profitability necessary to increase the lifetime value of the customer and find others like them to grow the business. The challenge is to identify who the customer is, he types of products and services they purchase, and the transactions that occur within those products. This is not a simple task when you take into account multiple store locations, disparate systems, and e-stores. The upstream and downstream effects of data collection from the completeness to the consistency can be a real challenge to assessing where cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are in your customer base.

Master Data Management provides data quality solutions, from Trillium Software, that help correct these data quality issues by standardizing, validating, correcting, enriching and merging records together to support opportunity analysis. Inconsistencies are identified and reconciled based on your unique business rules or provided to data analysts for further investigations.An accurate view of the customer ensures that opportunity is more easily identified and realized.


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