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Webinar: Modernization Without Compromise: Integrating Mission-Critical Data Into a Cloud Environment
Tuesday 14 June 2022, 07:00pm - 08:00pm
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Integration with existing data architecture currently ranks as a top-reported barrier for organizations as they strive to become more data-driven. Despite the endless parade of glossy new technology and software options on the market, most large businesses must face the reality that there is significant existing IT investment in data systems and applications that are entrenched within the organization, and any attempt to gain a unified view of enterprise informational assets must incorporate these sources. Data access, collection, and data integration efforts must be highly flexible and adaptive to convert and adapt existing data to modern environments such as cloud data warehouses and platforms. This S&P Global webinar will explore the reality of modern data integration efforts in a cloud-forward ecosystem, not only for analytical purposes, but for operational purposes as well.

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