Data Integration and Change Data Capture

Syncsort Integrate products let you unlock valuable data from legacy systems including mainframes, IBM i servers, and enterprise data warehouses (EDWs), ensuring that data is complete, accurate and trusted.

Our products and expertise give your business the ability to seamlessly access hard-to-reach data, and efficiently transform, cleanse and deliver it to next-generation analytics platforms to power enterprise initiatives like machine learning, AI and advanced analytics

Our data capabilities lie in three main areas, with a core capability in moving mainframe data to advanced analytics platforms:

A better approach to big data

dmx h harness the power

Syncsort DMX-h was designed from the ground up to make big data integration simple – combining a long history of innovation with significant contributions Syncsort has made to improve the Apache Hadoop open source project.

  • A single software environment for accessing and integrating all your enterprise data sources – batch and streaming – across Hadoop, Apache Spark, Linux, Unix or Windows – on premise or in the cloud
  • Software that evolves with the Hadoop ecosystem to keep you current without rewriting jobs or acquiring new skills – while managing, governing and securing the entire process
  • Industry-leading mainframe access and integration capabilities
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface with the flexibility to quickly extend the software for your unique needs

DMX-h is available for all major Hadoop distributions. 


A smarter approach to data integration

Syncsort DMX is full-featured data integration software that helps organisations collect, prepare, blend, transform and distribute more data in less time, with less money and fewer resources.

  • Process data 10x faster than other data integration solutions
  • Easily scale to support growing data volumes
  • Eliminate manual coding and performance tuning
  • Lower data integration TCO by up to 65%

DMX is available for Linux, Unix and Windows platforms. 

A simpler approach to keeping data synchronised

dmx cdcSyncsort's DMX Change Data Capture is designed to be fast, efficient and easy to use. DMX CDC keeps Hadoop data in sync with the mainframe or with relational systems - ensuring that the most current data is available for analyis in the data lake.

  • Save time and resources by designing in a graphical UI with no coding
  • Syncsort's unique dynamic optimsaiton uses artificaila intelligence to ensure optimal performance without tuning
  • Minimal impact of source database - DMX CDC dcaptures changes from the logs and moves only changed data
  • DMX Change Data capture ensures that your analytics are running against the most current data
  • Automatic fail over means that you will never loose data - even if connectivity goes down for a period.

Syncsort MIMIX Share makes it easy to transform, enhance and replicate data between databases in real time - regardless of database management system oroperating system




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