Data Quality Audit

Expose Data Quality IssuesMaster Data Management will provide this Health Check on your fitness of your data to meet a specific business purpose.

  • Migrating data to a new system
  • Implementing a Data Warehouse or reporting solution
  • Managing compliance or risk. 

Are you struggling to communicate the risks that poor quality data is having on your project,

or to get key business stakeholders to define their requirement?

We find that business can quickly determine impact when issues are made visible.



Data Quality Assessment Approach


1. Initial data Discovery.

     The use of a best-of-breed Data Profiling platform allows us

  • to reduce consulting time;
  • make more accurate analyses;
  • to report findings through an relevant and intuitive interface to facilitate:


2. Validation with Business and IT Stakeholders

    Not all data anomalies are issues!

    It is important to expose anomalies to both business and IT stakeholders in order to:


3. Determine Impact on process

   Which data issues will have a measurable impact on the desired business outcome?

   Linking data issues to business impact is critical


4. Enter into Dialogue with the data Stakeholders

   Identification and quantification of data issues is the first piece in the remediation puzzle.

   Dialogue is necessary in order to agree the way forward, which may include:

  • Manual, once off remediation
  • Implementation of automated, repeatable cleansing processes
  • Root cause analysis and prevention
  • Or even, delaying remediation due to other priorities

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