IDC report quantifying business value of Collibra

IDC report: Quantifying the Business Value of the Collibra Data Governance and Catalog Platform

Data is essential for organizations to remain competitive today. But how do you get greater visibility, reliability, and traceability while data is becoming increasingly distributed, dynamic, and diverse? International Data Corporation (IDC) recently interviewed organizations that are using the Collibra data governance and catalog platform to better understand how organizing and managing data in company-wide initiatives can optimize operations and business outcomes.

Here are just a few highlights from the survey, which are published in the IDC white paper sponsored by Collibra, Quantifying the Business Value of the Collibra Data Governance and Catalog Platform, that show average results:

  • 510% three-year ROI on their investment
  • 69% less time to locate data and reports
  • 23% higher gross productivity by BI and analyst teams

The study participants reported they now have improved access to and quality of data, empowered employees who confidently use data to do their jobs, and uncovered new business opportunities. Read the full study to see the comprehensive returns Collibra customers have realized — and you can too.

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