Claims Data Quality

Claims executives are the primary target for cost reduction exercises, as insurance companies cope with new competitive threats and decreasing investment income, Yet this cost cutting must be balanced by the ongoing drive to maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

Master Data Management can help you accomplish these objectives by transforming the massive volume of data your group collects to a strategic advantage. We offer Trillium Software's Claims Data Quality solution - leveraging extensive insurance industry experience, including decades of subject matter expertise specific to claims management -, to provide you with insight into the universe of data flowing through your organization.

  • Reduce allocated expenses such as claims litigation costs
  • Improve your vendor selection and vendor evaluation process
  • Automate discovery and remediation of inaccurate loss reserves
  • Maximize subrogation recovery and CAT recovery by identifying missed opportunities
  • Improve customer satisfaction by decreasing claims settlement time
  • Speed claim segmentation to the appropriate team or claims adjuster
  • Automate tracking of bad faith letters to minimize risk of paying high exposure claims
  • Identify opportunities for claims adjuster training
  • Enhance technology investments by ensuring quality data is used by your current platforms
  • Grow your business through the identification of new products and markets

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