Bloor InDepth report: Collibra Data Governance centre

Bloor InDetail: Collibra Data Governance Centre

Data governance means different things to different people. For some, it’s little more than basic data quality enforcement. But for others, data governance goes beyond quality to include data discovery and cataloging, data privacy and security, and regulatory compliance, too.

In their recent InDetail Report: Collibra Data Governance Center, Bloor reveals:

  • Why data governance must include capabilities beyond data quality enforcement
  • How Collibra provides a comprehensive data governance solution that focuses on the business
  • Why Bloor calls Collibra Data Governance Center “a data governance solution that is difficult to beat”
“From the perspective of policy creation, management, and enforcement in the data governance space, Collibra Data Governance Center is the clear market leader.”
Daniel Howard and Philip Howard, Bloor InDetail Report: Collibra Data Governance Center, November 2017

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