Billing and Revenue Management

Billing issues, particularly at local government level, result ultimately in the inability of government to deliver essential services. Billing issues result in a frustrated and unhappy constituency, and can be exploited by unscrupulous rate payers to avoid or delay critical payment. In extreme cases, valid debts must be written off as these cannot be distinguished from errors.

For a number of years, many South African municipalities have received qualified financial audits due to poor quality and inaccurate billing data. This creates pressure on elected officials who must comply with the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA)requiring good governance and use of public money.

Master Data Management provides products and services that allow municipalities to quickly assess the quality of their debtor's book, accounts,  services data and property portfolio. A debtor-centric view can be created that consolidates bad debt across multiple accounts and properties, using source data from multiple systems. Improved debtor management helps to ensure that billing runs smoothly, reduces errors and ensures compliance with audit requirements

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