Self Service Big Data Platform

A simple business platform for big data management

Datameer is an end to end data management platform for Hadoop.

Datameer combines self service data integration, analytics and visualisation to provide the fastest time to insights in Hadoop. A simple, spreadsheet interface provide business usersand data scientists with an intuitive, powerful data management interface for all your big data analytics needs


Import and export any data into HadoopLiberate your data. 

Free up your IT resources from data plumbing and empower IT and business users to rapidly integrate data from any source.

Datameer ignores the limitations of ETL and static schemas to empower users to integrate data from any source into Hadoop. We provide pre-built connectors to all comon structured and unstructured data sources - databases, machine data, logs, social media data and many more - turning data integration into a simple, three step process


What is big data analytics? 
It is the ability to ask and answer questions based on all your data, without limitations. Datameer can take you from simple joins and transforms to complex predictive analytics. Anyone can use the point and click functions, or become an expert and write your own functions.
Datameer allows analysts to quickly and easily correlate multiple sets of complex, disparate data. Analyse network traffic data against CRM data to see conversions, credit card transactions against card holder authorisations to identify fraud, or marketing interaction data against machine logs to identify preferred channels of communication. The possibilities are endless.
The end game - a clear window into your business giving you the insights you need to make business decisions.
Viusal Data Anlytics platform
Visual at every step of analysis.
Understand the shape of your data
Analysts can now “flip” any spreadsheet to instantly see a visual profile of their data. The flip side view ultimately streamlines the big data analytics workflow, and frees up time for analysts and data scientists to investigate and discover new use cases. Analysts can view the data type, count, max, min, uniqueness, mean and average to understand the shape and quality of their data at every step of the analytics process.


datameer-visualisationsStudies show that the brain processes images 60,000x faster than text.

Datameer's powerful Business InfographicsTM and dashboards deliver a visual representation of your analytics, to any device.


Datameer is architected from ground up for Hadoop and takes full advantage of the unique NoSQL analytics power of Hadoop. Where other tools just connect and copy data from Hadoop, Datameers's state of the art planner and optimiser takes the user input and plans the lowest number of MapReduce jobs to execute teh workbook efficiently and quickly.

Datameer's open standards architecture provides a wide range of integration points to easily import, store, manage and export data into and out of your Hadoop environment.

Datameer reduces the conventional BI complexity of three applications, ETL, data warehouse and BI by integrating all three applications into one powerful platform.



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