Big Data use cases

The five most common Big Data use cases include

Most Common Big Data use casesDatameer’s big data analytics solutions create a world of new opportunities for your business.

How? By making big data analytics so simple that anyone can use it to gain insights.

And we do it faster than any other solution on the market. To better understand the value of big data analytics from Datameer, we’ve captured the top five use cases that are driving the most tangible business benefits for hundreds of our customers. They’re realizing significantly greater operational efficiencies, higher revenue, lower costs, more innovative products, and more.

Customer Analytics

Today's customers interact with companies through a host of channels - mobile, social media. call centres, eCommerce sites and more. Datameer's customer analytics solutions give you greater visibility into your customer's buying journey, across all these channels, allowing you to tackle complex problems, such as churn reduction, improving customer conversion rates and lowering customer acquisition costs through the use of improved insights. Read more...

Data-Driven Products & Services

The life blood of any business is innovative new products and services. Datameer customers leverage the insights gained from big data analytics to ensure alignment between new offerings and customer needs and desires. Read more...

Operational Analytics

The pressure is on! Datameer customers unlock insights buried in log, sensor and machine data to optimise infrastructure, maximise up time by predicting failures before they occur, and reduce operating and capital expenses without sacrificing service levels. Read more...

Fraud & Compliance

Data-driven insights can help fraud analysts and security professionals to uncover suspicious behaviour hidden in unstructured and semistructured data such as logs, sensor and machine data. Datameer customers are reducing the operational costs of fraud investigation, anticipating and preventing fraud, streamlining regulatory reporting and compliance initiatives, and identifying and stopping rogue traders. Read more...

EDW Optimization

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) is a critical business and IT resource. yet the ever increasing complexity and volumes of new corporate data sources threatens to overwhelm existing budgets and resources. Datameer customers are offloading the more challenging data management and analytics requirements to new, more cost effective platforms and management approaches designed to handle them. Read more.... 

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