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Big data and advanced analytics allow business to make informed decisions for business improvement

Big data brings together more data, from more sources in order to to provide companies with better insights into their business.

Core to big data is the principle of data discovery - identifying previously unknown patterns of behaviour about our customers, our markets, our offerings and our operations that allow us to radically improve the way we do business.

Big data is not just another BI tool - it is a whole new way to deliver insight

Companies that are able to make effective use of Big Data and Analytic increase their productivity and profitability by 5 to 6 percent over those that don't.

Yet, for most companies, big data analytics remains a bridge to far. Obstacles such as the technical complexity of new "big data" architectures, combined with the high cost and scarcity of skilled staff, stop many big data initiatives in their tracks

Our approach combines education. consulting and market leading technology to simplify and democratise big data - placing decision making in the hands of the business analysts and business users that need it, while providing the necessary governance to keep control

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