Asset Management

Large organisations carry thousands of items of stock, across hundreds of locations.

Inconsistencies in the way asset data is captured, stored and maintained cost companies millions

  • Lost Inventory - assets exist in storage but are not found in the system
  • Ghost orders - automated ordering adds inventory when it is not needed
  • Poor stock allocation - inventory in a nearby warehouse is not allocated resulting in unnecessary travel
  • Spend Analysis and Sales reports do not reflect reality
  • and many more problems

We provides robust profiling and discovery capabilities with TS Discovery to identify where asset data is inconsistent, incomplete, or out potentially out of compliance with maintenance, repair and replacement schedules.  This is accomplished applying both out of the box rules that quantify standard data quality dimensions and customer business rules aligned to maintenance, repair and replacement guidelines.  Analysis and reports can be scheduled that notify and provide insight on the health and standing of critical assets and materials.

TS Quality supports robust parsing and matching for unstructured asset descriptions and terms - converting inconsistent asset descriptions into structured product ontologies. 

This makes it simpler to identify duplicate inventory, enhances reporting and spend analysis, and reduces waste.

Manage you assets as as an asset by improving the quality of your asset data.


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