Okera makes it easy to access data without compromising privacy, on-premise and in the Cloud.

Secure Data Access for Innovation and Growth

Your data can do more. It can be used by analysts and data scientists to drive innovation. It can help you discover untapped markets, unseen opportunities, and unproductive workflows. It can change the way your business and the world works.

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Okera does the heavy lifting to enforce those policies so that your organization can be the data-driven, market leader that is trusted by your customers, partners, constituents, supply chain vendors, industry analysts, and employees.

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Why Okera?

Data privacy regulations such as the Protection of Personal Information Act should not stop companies from delivering self-service analytics and leveraging new, cloud-based analytics platforms.

The Okera platform tackles the hardest issues behind data access and governance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments—giving you the ability to explore your data’s potential like never before.

The platform enables self-service data analytics with responsible data access so that everyone can benefit from the potential of data in the enterprise., without compromising sensitive data.

Okera’s unique no-code, write-once-execute-anywhere policy management helps alleviate talent shortage challenges. It gives you the confidence that your corporate policies will apply consistently and dynamically whether you are deploying a data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh. Oh, and, if we didn’t mention, you are finally able to secure your hybrid multi-cloud reality.

As your business scales in the future to handle expanded use cases, worry not, as Okera will give the peace of mind. Sleep well.

Where Okera Came From

In 2016, a group of visionary technologists joined forces to establish Okera. They recognized the growing challenge posed by the separation of storage and compute, which created a significant gap in data agility and security.

As data volumes skyrocketed, organizations found themselves handling vast amounts of sensitive information, including personally identifiable data that must be kept confidential. In response, governments worldwide introduced data privacy regulations, such as the prominent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA).

At Okera, the journey began with a remarkable partnership with a globally renowned brand. This esteemed organization sought our expertise to enable advanced data analytics across various computing platforms, all while ensuring compliance with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (WBP).

We're here to offer a warm welcome and help you navigate the complexities of data management with a friendly approach. Let Okera empower your data analytics journey, safeguarding your privacy every step of the way.

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