MDM partner, eLearningCurve launches new Data Mining course

Master Data Management's enterprise information management education partner, has extended the Business Intelligence curriculum with the new Data Mining Concepts and Techniques course.

Data mining is not a new discipline, but is growing in relevance as a key capability for data scientists grappling with the new data sources available through big data. Data mining is the process of collecting, searching through and analysing data sets to discover previously unknown relationships.

The eLC course defines both data mining and data science and provides a review of the concept, processes and techniques used in each area.

This 3-hour online training course will give you insight into the data mining process, explain models and algorithms, and give an understanding of how to match the right data mining models to the right problems.

You Will Learn

  • The definitions of data mining and data science
  • The role of statistics in data mining
  • Machine learning concepts
  • To differentiate between supervised and unsupervised learning
  • The data mining process
  • How to conduct exploratory data analysis
  • To identify data mining models and algorithms
  • How to match the problem with the model
  • Model validation techniques
  • How to deploy data mining models 

This course is geared towards data analysts looking to gain and extend their foundational datya mining knowledge, and requires a basic understanding of undergraduate statistics and data management concepts.

This course extends eLc's focus on big data concepts and can contributwe towards the internationally recognised Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) accreditation in Business Intelligence. To achieve this certification candidates must complete at least 5 courses from the eLC Business Intelligence track, and pass the associated examinations.

"The Business Intelligemne track is one of our more popular curricula," says Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management. "this new course offers another opportunity for companies to extend their advaned analytics and big data skills via elearning."

eLC provides over 80 elearning courses covering the broad range of enterprise information management disciplines and provide a platform for corporations to improve their access to these scarce skills by educating and certifying the EIM teams.

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MDM partner, eLearningCurve launches Introduction to NoSQL course

Master Data Management's enterprise information management education partner, has extended the Business Intelligence curriculum with the new Introduction to NoSQL course

The new course, by William McKnight, provides BI practioners and data scientists with a base understanding of emerging NoSQL technologies.

This 3.5 hour training course addresses the NoSQL community, as well as key users, providing guidance on how NoSQL technologies work, where NoSQL adds value to an enterprise information strategy, how to identify ideal workloads for NoSQL, and how to move NoSQL projects into production.

You will learn:

  • Big data basics
  • Enablers for NoSQL
  • NoSQL data models: key-value, document, graph
  • NoSQL usage patterns
  • NoSQL database architectures
  • Graph database modeling and architecture

This course contributes towards a Certified Information Management Professional accreditation in Business Intelligence (CIMP in BI).

The CIMP in BI covers BI fundamentals as well as advanced analytics courses such as:

  • Big Data Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Predictive Analytics
  • Simulation Analytics
  • Data Mining in R
  • Data Mining Concepts and techniques

As such, the accreditation for both entry level BI practioners, as well as data scientists and big data practioners.

You can acess more information by visitng, or call 011 485 4856


MDM partner, eLearningCurve launches Business Analytics track

Master Data Management's enterprise information management education partner, has added extended the accreditation program with anew educaiton track focusiing on advanced analytics.

Business Analytics education and certification from eLearningCurve are high-impact, convenient, and cost effective alternatives to traditional educational models, allowing you to learn new skills, refresh existing skills, validate the direction and health of your analytics program, and prove your mastery of the topic with the convenience and flexibility of working online and at your own pace.

Dave Wells, eLearning Curve director of education notes "In the age of digital transformation, analytics is a core competency of every successful business. Companies are rich with data today — data from transactions, from customers, from web sites, from mobile devices, from social media, and much more. Analytics is the art and science of turning that data into understanding and insight. Analytics leaders go a step beyond by using insight to drive innovation."

Business Analtyics Curriculum and Courses

The Business Analytics curriculum includes 11 classes from leading analytics experts and instructors, including the just released Analytics Fundamentals course:

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